The “Clean Label” continues to evolve

Adopted for over a decade by the food industry the Clean Label expression, means essentially that food products and beverages present a short and plain list of ingredients.

 By using this designation manufacturers point out the replacement of ingredients that are highly processed, by more natural alternatives.

Recently, Clean Label also incorporated Clear Label, referring to transparency, a leading trend in this sector in 2021.  

Without an official definition yet, Clean Label continues to evolve becoming wider and more sophisticated in response to the obvious need of the consumers in making informed and conscientious choices. We share a brief analysis of the elements currently integrating Clean Label, which concept is predicted to continue to evolve in the sense of incorporating climate concerns.

The evolution of Clean Label  

25% of all products launched in 2020 use at least one statement perceived as Clean Label (Natural, Additives free, Organic).

Source: Innova Market Insights & FoodIngredientsFirst