Flavours stand out in sports nutrition

The search for effectiveness and nutritional benefits is no longer the only factor in choosing a beverage or energy bar. Athletes are increasingly looking to combine food function to the pleasure it provides.

The segment of sports food is booming with a remarkable increase of consumers to begin to stick to these kinds of products regardless of being associated to the practice of sports.

In the beginning what attracted consumers to this range of products were the benefits offered. Nowadays due to a wider scope of the segment, flavour and satisfaction have been gaining ground in the motivation for consumers to choose such products.

To respond to this new profile of consumption, manufacturers venture to an increasing extent, in a wide variety of flavours with the help of natural food aromas.

Those who buy this kind of products tend to be bold, spearhead, looking for new sensations and fearless regarding tasting innovative and intense flavours which they associate to a better performance of the product. This factor is present in the main flavours chosen by the manufacturers as shown in the table below.

Favourite Energising Favours *

* Which flavour do you choose/prefer when you want to feel energized?
(Up to 5 choices per person; Calculated average in 10 countries)

Source: Estudo de Mercado Innova Flavour 2020