Combining expertise and knowledge in the supply of ingredients for the food industry d We take upon ourselves … to ensure that quality and continuous improvement of the products we offer and services we render to our customers and partners are kept

Industries we supply

Our global partner’s network allows us to have a wide range of raw materials to be offered to all areas of the food industry

Functional Food

We provide the answer to the companies developing products that favour the purpose of nourishment and its nutritional benefit

Meat & Charcuterie

Our portfolio includes products that are suited to transform the meat preparations – as well as their equivalent of vegetable origin – into tasty and nutritious delicacies

Dairy Products

We bring forth several alternatives to heighten the consumption of yogurts, ice creams and dairy beverages, as well as to replace them for their plant-based equivalents


We supply all sorts of ingredients to produce refreshing and innovative waters, juices, nectars, sodas, beers, liqueurs, appetizers and so many other drinks

Confectionary & Preserves

We provide first-rate raw materials to produce candies, confectionery, jams, or savoury preserves, full of flavour and creativity

Bread & Bakery

We present specific solutions to help professionals of the area to produce a high variety of recipes for bread, cakes, cookies, doughs, fillings, and toppings


Certified Products

It is our prerogative to choose certified ingredients which ensure food safety and transparency, from its origin to the label